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Table 1 Neural features important in model prediction accuracies

From: Sex differences in the ability of corticostriatal oscillations to predict rodent alcohol consumption

Male vs. female (diestrus) Predicting alcohol intake levels: males
Feature Mean AUC Direction Feature R2 Slope
Left NAcSh θ 0.818 Male > Female Right NAcSh α 0.505 − 243.08
Right NAcSh θ 0.788 Male < Female Left NAcSh α 0.483 −283.80
Left mPFC–right NAcSh lγ 0.782 Male < Female Left NAcSh θ 0.422 −186.40
Left mPFC–right NAcSh hγ 0.767 Male < Female Right mPFC – Right NAcSh lγ 0.409 −4.37
Left mPFC–left NAcSh Δ 0.766 Male > Female Right NAcSh β 0.393 −82.98
  1. The top 5 LFP features used in models predicting males vs. diestrus females and alcohol intake levels in males. Frequency bands [delta (Δ), theta (θ), alpha (α), beta (β), low gamma (lγ), and high gamma (hγ)] are described for power features within and coherence features between neural sites