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Figure 2

From: The effects of perinatal testosterone exposure on the DNA methylome of the mouse brain are late-emerging

Figure 2

CpG methylation at many genes is sexually dimorphic. Displayed are the fractions of X and autosomal genes displaying sexually dimorphic CpG methylation in (a) PN60 striatum and (b) PN60 BNST/POA. (c) Genes with sexually dimorphic CpG methylation at PN60 that are common to both the striatum and BNST/POA. The Venn diagram shows the overlap (green) between sexually dimorphic genes from the striatum (blue) and BNST/POA (yellow). The numbers of genes belonging to each category are shown within the relevant circles. The bar below the Venn diagram shows the percentage of autosomal vs. X-linked genes in the overlap region.

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