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Table 2 Top IPA biological pathways (|z-score| ≥ 1, p < 0.05) of sex-biased genes (n = 565, p < 0.03) in peripheral blood monocytes

From: Sexual dimorphism of monocyte transcriptome in individuals with chronic low-grade inflammation

Top pathways Activation Molecules Functions and diseases p
Interferon Signaling Up IFIT1, IFIT3, IFITM1, JAK2, MX1, STAT1 Cellular Immune Response; Cytokine Signaling 1.33E-04
PI3K Signaling in B Lymphocytes Up CD180, CD40, CD79A, DAPP1, FCGR2B, IRS2, ITPR2, PIK3CG, PLCH1, PLCH2 Cellular Immune Response 1.10E-03
Sperm Motility Up ABL2, AXL, EPHB3, FLT1, GUCY1A1, ITPR2, JAK2, MAP2K6, MAP3K11, PLAAT4, PLAAT5, PLCH1, PLCH2 Organismal Growth and Development 1.60E-03
Th1 Pathway Up CCR5, CD274, CD40, HLA-DOA, HLA-DRB5, JAK2, MAP2K6, PIK3CG, STAT1 Cellular Growth and Proliferation and Development; Cellular Immune Response; Cytokine Signaling; Pathogen-Influenced Signaling 1.60E-03
Dendritic Cell Maturation Up CD1B, CD1C, CD40, FCGR2B, HLA-DOA, HLA-DRB5, JAK2, PIK3CG, PLCH1, PLCH2, STAT1 Cellular Immune Response; Cytokine Signaling; Pathogen-Influenced Signaling 2.83E-03
Type I Diabetes Mellitus Signaling Up FAS, HLA-DOA, HLA-DRB5, ICA1, JAK2, MAP2K6, STAT1 Apoptosis; Disease-Specific Pathways 1.24E-02
Crosstalk between Dendritic Cell and Natural Killer Cells Up CD40, FAS, HLA-DRB5, KIR3DL2, TLN2, TNFSF10 Cellular Immune Response 1.48E-02
UVA-Induced MAPK Signaling Up PARP12, PARP9, PIK3CG, PLCH1, PLCH2, STAT1 Cellular Stress and Injury 2.27E-02
Adrenomedullin Signaling Pathway Up ADCY5, GUCY1A1, ITPR2, MAP2K6, PIK3CG, PLCH1, PLCH2, RAMP3, SOX15 Cardiovascular Signaling; Cellular Growth, Proliferation and Development; Cellular Stress and Injury 3.35E-02
Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Signaling Up CDK2, E2F2, E2F6, JAK2, PIK3CG, STAT1 Cancer; Disease-Specific Pathways 3.57E-02
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in B Cell Signaling Pathway Up CD40, CD79A, FCGR2B, IFIT2, IFIT3, JAK2, LILRA6, PIK3CG, PLAAT4, STAT1, TNFSF10 Cellular Immune Response; Disease-Specific Pathways 4.59E-02
PD-1, PD-L1 Cancer Immunotherapy Pathway2 Down (z = − 0.82) CD274, CDK2, HLA-DOA, HLA-DRB5, JAK2, PDCD1LG2, PIK3CG Cancer; Cellular-Immune Response 9.74E-03
p53 signaling Down (z = − 0.45) CDK2, FAS, PIK3CG, PML, THBS1, TP53I3 Cancer; Ingenuity Toxicity List Pathways 2.27E-02
  1. The direction of activation is based on the z-score calculated as females relative to males
  2. The most affected among the pathways downregulated (− 1 < z-score < 0, p < 0.05) in females relative to males