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Fig. 2

From: Ischemia and reperfusion injury following cardioplegic arrest is attenuated by age and testosterone deficiency in male but not female mice

Fig. 2

Temperature regulation throughout the experiment. During 15 min of baseline (BL) perfusion the temperature of the myocardium was maintained at approximately 37 °C. Following 6 min of perfusion with hypothermic cardioplegia (CP), the temperature dropped to between 6 and 9 °C. Next, the heart was submerged in cardioplegia at room temperature and temperature was maintained between 20 and 24 °C. Finally, the heart was reperfused (RP) with Krebs-Henseleit buffer and the temperature recovered to 37 °C. The inset graph is an enlarged view of the temperature drop during cardioplegic perfusion. Values represent the mean ± SEM for 15 experiments

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