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Table 2 Primary antibodies used in this study

From: Sex- and age-related changes in GABA signaling components in the human cortex

Antigen Host species, source, catalogue, number Concentration Immunogen
Anti-GABAAR α1 Rabbit, Alomone, AGA-001 1:1000 Peptide QPSQDELKDNTTVFTR
Anti-GABAAR α2 Rabbit, Alomone, AGA-002 1:200 Peptide (C)TPEPNKKPENKPA
Anti-GABAAR α3 Rabbit, Alomone, AGA-003 1:200 Peptide QGESRRQEPGDFVKQ
Anti-GABAAR α5 Rabbit, Thermo Fischer, PA5-31163 1:200 Recombinant fragment corresponding to amino acids 142 and 379 of human GABAAR α5
Anti-GABAAR γ2 Goat, Santa Cruz, SC-131935 1:100 Extracellular domain of human GABAAR γ2
Anti-GABAAR β3 Mouse, Novus, NB-1-47,613 1:500 Peptide corresponding to amino acids 370-433 of mouse GABAAR β3
Anti-GAD65 Mouse, Millipore, MAB351 1:1000 Purified rat brain glutamic acid decarboxylase
Anti-GAD67 Mouse, Millipore, MAB5406 1:200 Recombinant GAD67 protein
Anti-GABABR R2 Mouse, NeuroMab, 75-124 1:400 Fusion protein amino acids 861-912 of rat GABABR R2
Anti-GAT1 Rabbit, Alomone, AGT-001 1:100 Peptide (C)ERNMHQMTDGLDK
Anti-GAT3 Rabbit, Alomone, AGT-003 1:100 Peptide (C)REARDKAVHERGH
Anti-β-actin Rabbit, Abcam, ab8227 1:1000 Human β-actin amino acids 1-100
Anti-β-actin Mouse, Abcam, ab6276 1:1000 Peptide DDDIAALVIDNGSGK