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Fig. 2

From: Sex-specific differences in hepatic steatosis in obese spontaneously hypertensive (SHROB) rats

Fig. 2

Morphological and histological comparisons of the livers from WT and SHROB rats. a Representative gross morphology of the livers from male and female WT and SHROB rats at week 10 of age. Liver weight (b) and liver weight normalized against total body weight (c) in WT and SHROB rats at week 10 is shown. Each group had between 5 and 12 rats. d, e Representative microphotographs of female and male WT and SHROB rat livers stained with H&E (d) and Oil Red O (e). f Quantification Oil Red O staining. g Results are presented as the means ± SEM of three separate experiments; × 20 magnification is used for quantification. n = 3 for each group. Statistical significance: **p < 0.01, ****p < 0.0001

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