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Table 7 Selection of immunological functions that are related to the genes in cluster 5 (B6 mice) and clusters 1, 3, and 6 (BALB/c mice) from the correlation analysis of MITChip and microarray

From: Sex and strain dependent differences in mucosal immunology and microbiota composition in mice

Gene cluster Diseases or Functions Annotation p value # Mol.
Cluster 5 (B6) Inflammatory response 6.46E-05 20
Leukocyte migration 3.55E-04 20
Infection of CD4+ T-lymphocytes 4.81E-04 2
Quantity of leukocytes 6.13E-04 20
Activation of leukocytes 8.90E-04 16
Cluster 1 (BALB/c) Proliferation of lymphocytes 5.22E-05 34
Quantity of leukocytes 5.78E-05 40
Quantity of lymphoid cells 7.54E-05 33
Quantity of myeloid cells 1.24E-04 24
Quantity of mononuclear leukocytes 1.53E-04 33
Cluster 3 (BALB/c) Expansion of T lymphocytes 1.60E-05 7
Expansion of helper T lymphocytes 2.12E-05 4
Immune response of leukocytes 1.06E-04 9
Immune response of phagocytes 1.64E-04 7
Leukocyte migration 5.60E-04 15
Cluster 4 (BALB/c) Cell death of chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells 1.65E-05 3
Quantity of leukocytes 2.83E-05 17
Chemotaxis of phagocytes 3.32E-05 9
Quantity of mononuclear leukocytes 1.17E-04 14
Quantity of phagocytes 1.32E-04 10
  1. aNumber of molecules included in the indicated functions