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Table 5 The top physiological activities and molecular and cellular functions related to the sexually dimorphic expressed genes in the proximal colon of both BALB/c and B6 mice (fold-change of 1.2 (up/down) and a p value < 0.05)

From: Sex and strain dependent differences in mucosal immunology and microbiota composition in mice

Group Physiological system development and function p value # Mol.a
BALB/c Hematological system development and function 6.67E-04-1.74E-13 170
Tissue morphology 6.56E-04-4.43E-13 157
Cell-mediated immune response 6.37E-04-3.59E-12 67
Immune cell trafficking 6.67E-04-3.59E-12 110
B6 Hematopoiesis 6.44E-04-2.71E-09 80
Tissue morphology 2.67E-07-1.21E-29 614
Immune cell trafficking 4.90E-07-3.62E-29 360
Hematological system development and function 4.90E-07-3.07E-26 577
Cardiovascular system development and function 2.56E-07-2.40E-24 424
  Organismal development 4.33E-07-2.40E-24 808
  1. aNumber of molecules included in the indicated functions