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Table 7 Chromosome X-linked genes with Y homologs

From: Sex differences in the late first trimester human placenta transcriptome

Chr X gene XCI ▲ F Chr X location Gene descriptions Chr Y gene ▲ M Chr Y location
NLGN4X E   p22.33 Neuroligin 4 NLGN4Y A q11.221
TBL1X E   p22.3 Tranducin β-like 1 TBL1Y A p11.2
AMELX   p22.31-p22.1 Amelogenin AMELY A p11.2
TMSB4X   q21.3-q22 Thymosin β4 TMSB4Y A q11.221
TXLNG E A p22.2 Taxilin γ TXLNGY P q11.222-q11.223
EIF1AX E P, A p22.12 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 1A EIF1AY P, A q11.223
ZFX E P, A p21.3 Zinc finger protein ZFY P, A p11.2
USP9X E   p11.4 Ubiquitin specific peptidase 9 USP9Y P, A q11.221
DDX3X E P, A p11.3-p11.23 DEAD-box helicase 3 DDX3Y P, A q11.221
KDM6A E P, A p11.2 Lysine demethylase UTY P, A q11.221
TSPYL2 S   p11.2 Testis-specific protein Y-encoded (like 2) TSPY1   p11.2
KDM5C E P, A p11.22-p11.21 Lysine demethylase KDM5D P, A q11.223
RPS4X E P, A q13.1 Ribosomal protein S4 RPS4Y1 P, A p11.2
TGIF2LX   q21.31 TGFβ-induced factor homeobox2-like TGIF2LY   p11.2
PCDH11X E   q21.3 Protocadherin 11 PCDH11Y P, A p11.2
XKRX S   q22.1 XK, Kell blood group complex subunit-related XKRY   q11.222
RBMX S   q26.3 RNA binding motif RBMY   q11.223
SOX3 S   q27.1 SRY-box 3/sex determining region Y SRY A p11.2
HSFX1   q28 Heat shock transcriptional factor family HSFY1   q11.222
  1. Table of all X/Y homologs (excluding Y pseudogenes), sorted by location of X-linked genes. X chromosome inactivation (XCI) status is indicated as S (silenced/inactivated), E (escapes inactivation), or “–” if unstudied, as reviewed in Balaton et al. [42]. Sexually dimorphic expression is noted when genes are upregulated in first trimester placenta (“P”, this study) and adult postmortem tissue (“A”, Mele et al. 2015) [84]. The X genes listed are located within non-PAR regions. ▲ F = upregulated in females. ▲ M = upregulated in males