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Fig. 4

From: Sex differences in microRNA-mRNA networks: examination of novel epigenetic programming mechanisms in the sexually dimorphic neonatal hypothalamus

Fig. 4

Robust argonaute (Ago) footprints are present in the mRNAs of genes that mediate steroid signaling in the neonatal (PN2) hypothalamus. The distribution of Ago footprints in Esr1 (a), Esr2 (b), Ar (c), Pgr (d), and Cyp19a1 (e) are shown. The vertical bars in the first three tracks indicate robust Ago footprints (footscore > 621, BC ≥ 2) in F/Veh, M/Form, or M/Veh groups. 5′ and 3′ UTRs annotated in GenBank RefSeq RNA features are indicated in purple. The majority of Ago footprints aligned to the target mRNA’s 3′ UTR. A stacked height profile (SHP) indicates the read counts of overlapping oligos that aligned to the designated mRNA in the M/Veh group

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