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Fig. 5 | Biology of Sex Differences

Fig. 5

From: Bariatric surgery emphasizes biological sex differences in rodent hepatic lipid handling

Fig. 5

Intestinal and hepatic contribution to plasma triglycerides. a Postprandial chylomicron production as indexed by the plasma triglyceride response to poloxomer 407 in fed rats. b Slope of the rise in triglycerides in a (n = 8-10/grp). c Hepatic VLDL production as indexed by plasma triglyceride response to poloxamer 407 in fasted rats. d Slope of triglyceride appearance based on the results in c. *p < 0.05 VSG vs. sham; **p < 0.05 sham females vs. all other groups; +p < 0.05 VSG male vs. Sham male; &VSG female vs. VSG male. Data are presented as mean ± SEM

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