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Table 6 Mouse and human Y genes and X gametologs

From: A primer on the use of mouse models for identifying direct sex chromosome effects that cause sex differences in non-gonadal tissues

Class Mouse Human
Y gene Copy no. X gene Xi? Copy no. Y gene X gene Xi?
Ancestral S1 Sry 1 Sox3 Yes 1 SRY SOX3 Yes
Rbmy 30 Rbmx Yes 1 RBMY RBMX Yes
   [Aut.]    HSFY HSFX  
   Rps4 Yes 1 RPS4Y RPS4X No
Ancestral S2 Uba1y 1 Uba1 Yes 1   UBA1 No
Kdm5d 1 Kdm5c No   KDM5D KDM5C No
[Tspy1ps]   Tspyl2 Yes   TSPY1 TSPX Yes
Ancestral S3 Zfy1,2 2 Zfx Yes 1 ZFY ZFX No
Uty 1 Kdm6a No 1 UTY KDM6A No
Usp9y 1 Usp9x Yes 1 USP9Y USP9X No
Ddx3y 1 Ddx3x No 1 DDX3Y DDX3X No
Eif2s3y 1 Eif2s3x No 1 Notea EIF2S3X No
   Amelx ? 1 AMELY b AMELX ?
Notec   Eif1ax Yes   EIF1AY EIF1AX No
   Tmsb4 ?   TMSB4Y TMSB4X No
   Txlng ?   TXLNGY CYorf15 No
Ancestral S4/5    Tbl1x Yes   TBL1Y TBL1X No
   [Aut.?]    NLGN4Y NLGN4X No
   [Aut.?]    PRKY PRKX No
Acquiredd H2al2y 2 H2al2x   14    
Prssly 1       
Teyorf1 1       
Rbm31y 2 Rbm31x   1    
Sly 126 Slx,Slxl1   39    
Ssty1,2 306 Sstx   11    
Srsy 197 Srsx   14    
  1. Based on information from [1922]
  2. Aut. autosomal
  3. a EIF2S3Y function replaced by an autosomally located EIF2S3X retrogene [127]
  4. bAncestral S4 in [19]
  5. c Eif1ay function replaced by an autosomally located Eif1ay retrogene [127]
  6. dMouse data only