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Table 5 Reported extent of coverage of sex and gender content area versus awareness of specific sex- and gender-based health differences within content area

From: Sex and gender in medical education: a national student survey

Content area Percent reporting “Moderate to Extensive” sex and gender coveragea Question 11. “There are evidenced-based health differences between men and women in regard to the topics listed” Percent reporting “Moderate to Extensive Coverage” and Answering “Yes” to question 11 Sig. (two-tailed) Mean difference
Cardiology 64.0 Presenting symptoms of myocardial infarction 56.9 0.000 0.401
Rheumatology 64.1 Outcomes after low impact fractures in adults 47.5 0.000 0.370
Substance abuse 57.0 Narcotic addiction 29.7 0.000 0.672
Pharmacology 59.1 Dosing of zolpidem 13.1 0.000 0.591
  1. aQuestion 10. sex- and gender-specific content areas, “For each of the following topics discussed please indicate the extent to which your institution covers sex and gender differences in your curriculum”