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Table 8 Comments from SGME participants

From: Sex and Gender Medical Education Summit: a roadmap for curricular innovation

Comments from participants
“I will develop a proposal for our curriculum committee that we include sex and gender-specific material in all our courses and clerkships…I will also request that student assessments include items about sex- and gender-based differences.”
“I plan to meet with individual course coordinators to review what sex-and gender-specific health topics are currently included in each course and discuss how additional sex- and gender-specific health topics can be integrated within each course. The resources that were made available to summit participants are outstanding, and they will facilitate the promotion of additional curricular emphasis of this area.”
“We will be presenting information learned from the meeting to the next Dean’s Circle and including some of the fast facts in all of our women’s health lectures.”
“I will be meeting with the Associate Deans of Clinical Sciences and Basic Sciences to discuss suggestions of integrating sex and gender slides and information through specific content lectures.”