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Table 3 Androgen-regulated miRNAs and their corresponding mRNA target(s) on GD 17.0 classified according to molecular functions

From: Expression profile of androgen-modulated microRNAs in the fetal murine lung

Molecular function Gestational day 17.0
miRNA mRNA target
Steroid binding mmu-miR-126-5p Igf1
  mmu-miR-215 Igf1
Phospholipid binding mmu-miR-126-5p Ogt; Pitpnb
  mmu-miR-291a-3p Wdr45
  mmu-let-7f-2-3p Col4a3bp
  mmu-let-7b-3p Pik3c2a; Sbf2; Col4a3bp
SMAD binding mmu-miR-1306-5p Zeb2
  mmu-miR-215 Zeb2
Growth factor binding mmu-miR-215 Col5a1
  mmu-miR-449a Pdgfra
  mmu-miR-1249-5p Col5a1
Steroid hormone receptor binding mmu-miR-1955-5p Pik3r1
Steroid hormone receptor activity mmu-miR-291a-3p Nr2f2
  mmu-miR-362-3p Nr2c2
  mmu-miR-467b Nr2f2
  mmu-miR-467d Nr2f2
  mmu-miR-467h Nr2f2
  mmu-miR-432 Rorb
Beta-catenin binding mmu-miR-687 Apc
  mmu-miR-449a Tbl1xr1
  mmu-let-7f-2-3p Cd2ap
Retinoic acid binding mmu-miR-291a-3p Nr2f2
  mmu-miR-467b Nr2f2
  mmu-miR-467d Nr2f2
  mmu-miR-467h Nr2f2
Transcription factor binding mmu-miR-3078 Creb1; Tle4; Meis2; Ddx3x
  mmu-miR-465c-3p Ddx3x
  mmu-miR-291a-3p E2f2
  mmu-miR-467b E2f2
  mmu-miR-467d E2f2
  mmu-miR-467h E2f2
  mmu-miR-212-3p Foxo3
  mmu-miR-362-3p Kdm5c; Trip12
  mmu-miR-432 Kdm5c; Rorb
  mmu-miR-1195 Meis2
  mmu-miR-126-5p Nfya; Zeb1; Ppargc1a; Pbx1
  mmu-miR-687 Nfya
  mmu-let-7b-3p Tle4
  1. Italicized data are upregulated by flutamide; boldface data are downregulated by flutamide