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Table 3 Statistical evaluation of GAPDH levels based on sex-age and sex-ethnicity interactions

From: Expression of drug transporters in human kidney: impact of sex, age, and ethnicity

Sex-age Sex-ethnicity
  Krustal-Wallis p value   Krustal-Wallis p value
Female <50 yrs vs. female ≥50 yrs >0.9999 AA female vs. AA male 0.9998
Male <50 yrs vs. male ≥50 yrs >0.9999 EA female vs. EA male 0.8630
Female <50 yrs vs. male <50 yrs >0.9999 AA female vs. EA female 0.9967
Female ≥50 yrs vs. male ≥50 yrs >0.9999 AA male vs EA male 0.6098
  1. Statistical differences between GAPDH Ct for sex-age and sex-ethnicity interactions were assessed by non-parametric paired Krustal-Wallis test. p > 0.05 indicates suitability as housekeeping gene. AA, African American; EA, European American.