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Table 6 Sex differences identified in the urine metabolome (part 1)

From: Sex differences in the human metabolome

  Adults Children Infants
First author and year Chekmeneva E. 2018 [65] De Paepe E. 2018 [66] Fan S. 2018 [67] Rist M. J. 2017 [56] Slupsky C. M. 2007 [60] Thévenot E. A. 2015 [61] Lau C.-H. E. 2018 [54] Scalabre A. 2017 [59]
AA and analogues 2-Aminoadipic acid       F   
2,6-Diaminopimelic acid   M       
5-Oxoproline        M  
Acetyl phenylalanine       F   
Aminosalicyluric acid       F   
Creatine F     F F   
Creatinine M    M M    
l-Carnosine   M       
Glycine    F      
Isoleucine        F  
Leucine     M     
N-Acetylaspartic acid       F   
Nicotinuric acid       F   
Proline       M   
Tyrosine        M  
AC C0      M    
C2      M    
C3       M   
C5       M   
C6       M   
C8       M   
C9 M        
C10 M      M   
C7:1       M   
C8:1 M      M   
C9:1       M   
C10:1 M      M   
C10:2       M   
C10:3 M        
C11:1       M   
C8OH       M   
C6:1OH M        
C10:2OH M        
C5-M-DC       F   
C6DC       M   
  1. M, higher levels of the metabolite identified in male individuals; F, higher levels of the metabolite identified in female individuals