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Table 5 Sex differences identified in the serum metabolome for AC

From: Sex differences in the human metabolome

  Adults Children Infants
First author and year Dunn W. B. 2014 [38] Mittelstrass K. 2011 [24] Ruoppolo M. 2014 [15] Saito K. 2016 [58] Lau C.-H. E. 2018 [54] Caterino M. 2021 [36] Ruoppolo M. 2015 [57]
AC C0    M     M
C2       M  
C3     M    
C4        F
C5     M    F
C6       M  
C8        M
C10   M   M F   M
C12     M F   M
C14     M    M
C16     M    M
C18   M      
C5:1     M    F
C6:1        F
C8:1        F
C10:1   M      M
C10:2        F
C14:1      F   M
C14:2      F   
C16:1      F   M
C18:1     M   M M
C18:2     M   M M
C4OH        M
C14OH        M
C16OH        M
C14:1OH      F   
C18:1OH        M
C3DC     M    
C4DC       M  
C5DC     M    
C8DC        M
C10DC        M
  1. M, higher levels of the metabolite identified in male individuals; F, higher levels of the metabolite identified in female individuals