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Table 3 Sex differences identified in the plasma metabolome for AA and AC

From: Sex differences in the human metabolome

First author and year De Paepe E. 2018 [66] Jovè M. 2016 [68] Lawton K. A. 2008 [55] Rist M. J. 2017 [56] Trabado S. 2017 [62] Vignoli A. 2018 [63] Andraos S. 2021 [64]
Metabolite Adults Children
AA and analogues Alanine        M F
Arginine        M  
Asparagine         M
Aspartate        M  
Citrulline        M M
Creatine   M F F   F   
Creatinine    M M M M   
Cysteine        M M
Glutamate    M    M M  
Glutamine M      M M F
Glycine F    F    F F
Histidine       M   
Homocysteine   M       
Kynurenine   M M      
Lysine   F       
Methionine    M     M  
N-Acetyl-L-Methionine M        
Phenylalanine    M    M M M
OH-proline   M      M F
Oxoproline    M      
Proline       M M  
Sarcosine     F     
Serine        F F
Threonine         F
Tyrosine M      M M  
Tryptophan   F M     M M
AC C0    M   M    
C3      M    
C5      M    
  1. M, higher levels of the metabolite identified in male individuals; F, higher levels of the metabolite identified in female individuals. Hereon, whereas not specified, the age of the individuals treated in the papers is referred to adults