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Table 5 Student Feedback on Sex and Gender Specific Health

From: Sex and gender specific health topics in medical student learners: pulse check eight years later

Examples of feedback on coverage sex and gender-based topics
Current knowledge
 I did not realize there were so many differences between the sexes until taking this survey. I definitely think we should be taught this throughout our medical education
 I pretty much had no idea what the answer was to any of these. That said, I haven’t even taken many of these courses and didn’t know what most of these conditions were or if a professor would have stressed sex differences in the manifestation or management of those conditions
 Many of these questions I had to make an educated guess on—would be better if more of these differences (or lack thereof) were actively taught in medical school
Suggestions for improvement
 All lectures should include differences in presentation, management and diagnosis between men and women; it should be part of the basic lecture when learning about any disease in the first two years of medical school
 More OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Experience) practice would be very helpful
 Please make it as longitudinal as possible
 We need more scientific information about how diseases/drugs/interventions differ between xx and xy patients