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Table 1 Antibodies

From: Spatiotemporal AMPKα2 deletion in mice induces cardiac dysfunction, fibrosis and cardiolipin remodeling associated with mitochondrial dysfunction in males only

Antibody Supplier Reference Dilution
Actin Santa Cruz sc47778 1/10000
ACC Cell Signaling 3676 1/1000
Phospho ACC Cell Signaling 3661 1/1000
AMPKα1 Santa Cruz sc19126 1/1000
AMPKα2 Santa Cruz Sc19129 1/1000
Phospho AMPK Cell signaling 2531 1/500
AMPK total Cell signaling 2532 1/500
CS Abcam Ab96600 1/1000
 Grim19 (NDUFA13) Abcam ab110240 1/1000
 Oxphos Mitoscience Ms604 1/500
 Tubulin Abcam Ab7291 1/10000
 Vinculin Sigma V9131 1/900