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Table 1 Categories used to group traits

From: Sex-dependent effects of prenatal food and protein restriction on offspring physiology in rats and mice: systematic review and meta-analyses

Categorya Examples of traits
Adrenal gene expression (mRNA or protein); organ weight
Behavioural stereotypic responses; food intake; food preference
Blood lipids cholesterol, LDL, NEFA, triglycerides
Bone bone mineral content, bone mineral density
Brain gene expression (mRNA or protein)
Cardiovascular blood pressure; measures of vascular or ventricular function; heart rate; gene expression (mRNA or protein) in heart or vasculature; organ weight
Fat body fat percentage, fat pad weight
Hepatic hepatic gene expression, enzyme activity, glycogen, blood proteins produced by liver; organ weight
Lung alveolar number, gene expression (mRNA or protein); triolein uptake; organ weight
Muscular fibre density, diameter
Oxidative status plasma carbonyl, glutathione, thiols and melatonin, superoxide anion scavenging activity, oxidative status score based on plasma biomarkers
Pancreatic beta-cell mass; islet size; gene expression (mRNA or protein); organ weight
Placental gene expression (mRNA or protein), SOD activity
Renal gene expression (mRNA or protein); urine production; ion excretion; glomerular number; glomerular filtration rate; organ weight
Spleen organ weight
  1. aBody weight, blood hormones, and blood glucose were not categorized