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Table 3 The correlation coefficient of RNA-seq and qRT-PCR data

From: MicroRNA profiling of the pig periaqueductal grey (PAG) region reveals candidates potentially related to sex-dependent differences

miR-7-5p 0.95***
miR-21-5p 0.88***
miR-378a-3p 0.56**
miR-20a-5p 0.62**
miR-23a-3p 0.36ns
miR-103a-3p 0.21ns
miR-127-3p 0.78***
miR-210-3p 0.77***
miR-339-5p 0.12ns
  1. R Spearman correlation coefficient with p value (***p < 0.001; **p < 0.01; ns not significant)