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Table 4 Crude and adjusted hazard ratios for the prediction of cardiovascular death and/or cardiovascular hospitalization during 1 year of follow-up according to sex

From: Sex differences in circulating proteins in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

  Crude HR (95% CI) Adj. HR (95% CI)*
Complete cohort   
 Female vs. male 1.26 (0.73–2.16), p = 0.41 1.48 (0.83–2.63), p = 0.18
Landmark analysis (> 120 days)   
 Female vs. male 1.70 (0.72–4.03), p = 0.23 1.89 (0.77–4.65), p = 0.17
  1. The proportional hazard assumption was not met, and a landmark analysis was performed excluding those patients with an endpoint or being censored within 120 days after inclusion in the study
  2. *Adjusted on coronary artery disease, pulmonary rales at baseline, and age. Since our aim was to assess the association of female sex on top of this clinical risk score and female sex was already incorporated in the prognostic risk score, sex was not considered in the prognostic risk score used for these analyses