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Table 3 Sex ratios of adverse drug event reports in VigiBase among 59 drugs with sex-biased ADRs

From: Sex differences in pharmacokinetics predict adverse drug reactions in women

WHO ATC category Drug name/PK biasa ADR bias VB ratiob ADR-VB relation
Alimentary tract, metabolism Liraglutide Females 1.79 Concordant
Ranitidine Males 1.52 Discordant1
Rosiglitazone Females 0.79 Discordant1
Blood and blood forming organ Heparin Females 0.92 Discordant2
Aspirin Females 0.85 Discordant2
Warfarin Females 0.91 Discordant2
Clopidogrel Females 0.69 Discordant2
Dabigatran Females 0.93 Discordant2
Cardiovascular system Torasemide Females 1.15 Discordant2
Pravastatin Females 1.13 Discordant2
Amlodipine Females 1.41 Concordant
Digoxin Females 1.26 Concordant
Verapimil Females 1.56 Concordant
Aliskiren Females 1.27 Concordant
Losartan Males 1.41 Discordant1
Propranolol Females 1.72 Concordant
Dofetilide Females 0.92 Discordant2
Genito-urinary system, sex hormones Mirabegron Females 1.95 Concordant
Darifenacin Females 2.48 Concordant
Trospium Females 2.14 Concordant
Systemic hormonal preparations Prednisone Females 1.17 Discordant2
Anti-infectives Levofloxacin Females 1.26 Concordant
Erythromycin Females 1.70 Concordant
Voriconazole Females 0.65 Discordant1
Antineoplastics, immunomodulators Cyclosporin Neither 1.25 Discordant1
Fluorouracil Females 1.00 Discordant2
Paclitaxel Females 2.66 Concordant
Capecitabine Females 1.77 Concordant
Infliximab Females 1.51 Concordant
Adalimumab Females 2.02 Concordant
Anesthetics, analgesics Morphine Females 1.57 Concordant
Oxycodone Females 1.01 Discordant2
Buprenorphine Females 1.61 Concordant
Tramadol Females 1.71 Concordant
Zolmitriptan Females 5.14 Concordant
Ketamine Males 1.07 Discordant2
Anti-epileptics, anti-Parkinson’s Carbamazepine Females 1.26 Concordant
Gabapentin Females 1.84 Concordant
Perampanel Females 1.18 Discordant2
Pramipexole females 1.19 Discordant2
Psycholeptics Olanzapine Females 0.92 Discordant2
Clozapine Males 0.61 Concordant
Risperidone Females 0.53 Discordant1
Aripiprazol Females 1.27 Concordant
Diazepam Females 1.17 Discordant2
Zolpidem Females 1.48 Concordant
Eszopiclone Females 1.85 Concordant
Psychoanaleptics Imipramine Females 1.61 Concordant
Nortriptyline Females 2.10 Concordant
Fluoxetine Females 2.29 Concordant
Citalopram Females 1.95 Concordant
Sertraline Females 2.00 Concordant
Bupropion Females 1.79 Concordant
Methylphenidate Females 0.47 Discordant1
Antiparasitics Primaquine Females 0.55 Discordant1
Respiratory Terfenadine Females 1.66 Concordant
Fexofenadine Females 2.05 Concordant
Miscellaneous MDMA females 0.43 Discordant1
Cannabis females 0.51 Discordant1
  1. Threshold for designation of a VigiBase reporting sex bias was set at ± 20%
  2. aFont style of drug name indicates direction of PK drug exposure bias: (normal: F > M; bold: M > F)
  3. bFemale-to-male (F:M) ratio of suspected ADRs
  4. 1“false sex” error
  5. 2“false null” error