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Table 3 Multivariable model of factors associated with crime, by sex (n = 2736)

From: Social functioning outcomes in men and women receiving medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder

 For menFor women
CovariateOR95% CIpOR95% CIp
Age (years).971.955.9880.001***.958.934.9840.001**
MAT type.984.5791.670.9511.42.7262.760.308
MAT dose (mg/day)1.00.9951.000.875.995.9891.000.1142
Years on MAT.965.9171.020.1711.**
Opioid-positive urine drug screens (% of total)< 0.001*****
Physical symptoms1.00.9791.030.784.967.9341.000.062
Psychological symptoms1.051.031.08< 0.001***< 0.001***