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Table 2 Multivariable model of factors associated with employment status, by sex (n = 2736)

From: Social functioning outcomes in men and women receiving medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder

 For menFor women
CovariateOR95% CIpOR95% CIp
Age (years).978.968.990< 0.001***.968.954.982< 0.001***
MAT type.826.5901.160.2861.06.7001.600.786
MAT dose (mg/day).996.993.9990.003**.997.9931.000.140
Years on MAT.980.9521.010.155.965.9231.000.060
Opioid-positive urine drug screens (% of total).998.9941.000.184.998.9921.000.384
Physical symptoms.986.9701.000.098.993.9721.010.520
Psychological symptoms.958.944.973< 0.001***.962.945.980< 0.001***