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Table 4 Correlations between BDI scores and network parameters

From: Alterations of neural network organization during REM sleep in women: implication for sex differences in vulnerability to mood disorders

 Small world coefficient
BDI score
Men sex (n= 28)
 REM0.031Stage 30.212Stage 40.064Wakefulness− 0.167
 Power band β0.061Power band β0.259Power band β− 0.154Power band β− 0.076
 Power band σ0.135Power band σ0.239Power band σ0.062Power band σ− 0.141
 Power band α0.072Power band α0.110Power band α− 0.089Power band α− 0.047
 Power band θ− 0.083Power band θ0.095Power band θ− 0.023Power band θ− 0.341
 Power band δ0.032Power band δ0.200Power band δ− 0.017Power band δ− 0.301
Woman sex (n= 16)
 REM0.636aStage 30.167Stage 4− 0.134Wakefulness− 0.009
 Power band β0.593aPower band β0.070Power band β− 0.111Power band β0.158
 Power band σ0.643aPower band σ− 0.003Power band σ0.006Power band σ− 0.214
 Power band α0.627aPower band α0.085Power band α− 0.088Power band α− 0.087
 Power band θ0.612aPower band θ− 0.097Power band θ− 0.197Power band θ0.137
 Power band δ0.608aPower band δ0.130Power band δ− 0.046Power band δ0.251
       ap < 0.05
  1. BDI Beck depression inventory, REM rapid eye movement sleep
  2. a indicates the presence of a significant correlation (p <0.05)