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Table 3 Correlations between sex and network parameters

From: Alterations of neural network organization during REM sleep in women: implication for sex differences in vulnerability to mood disorders

(N = 44)Small world coefficient 
Woman sex
REM0.409aStage 30.179Stage 40.056Wakefulness0.287
 Power band β0.417aPower band β0.145Power band β0.056Power band β0.089
 Power band σ0.432aPower band σ0.052Power band σ0.063Power band σ0.082
 Power band α0.387aPower band α0.097Power band α0.041Power band α0.007
 Power band θ0.417aPower band θ0.086Power band θ0.030Power band θ0.197
 Power band δ0.413aPower band δ0.222Power band δ0.089Power band δ0.067
       ap < 0.05
  1. REM rapid eye movement sleep
  2. a indicates the presence of a significant correlation (p <0.05)