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Table 3 Regulation of enzymes involved in bile acid synthesis by hormones and their respective hormone receptors

From: The influence of biological sex and sex hormones on bile acid synthesis and cholesterol homeostasis

CYP7A117alpha-ethynylestrodrial (EE2)/ER-alphaDownregulates CYP7A1 expression[123]
GPR30Upregulates CYP7A1 expression[113]
CYP8B117alpha-ethynylestrodrial (EE2)/ER-alphaDownregulates CYP8B1 expression[123[
 Estrogen (with biliary diversion, not intact enterohepatic circulation)Downregulates CYP8B1 expression[124]
CYP27A1Estrogen/ER-alpha & ER-betaDownregulates CYP27A1 expression[122]
Androgens/androgen receptorUpregulates CYP27A1 expression[122]
CYP3A4EstrogenDownregulates CYP3A4[114]
AKR1D1TestosteroneInhibits upregulation of AKR1D1 by Estrogen[114]