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Fig. 10

From: Ischemia and reperfusion injury following cardioplegic arrest is attenuated by age and testosterone deficiency in male but not female mice

Fig. 10

Coronary flow rates were similar in intact and GDX hearts in reperfusion, although GDX reduced the magnitude of contractures seen in reperfusion. a Coronary flow data were analyzed with a Mann-Whitney U test. Results showed that there was no difference in coronary flow rates in reperfusion between intact and GDX groups (U = 7.0, p = 0.556). b Cardiac contracture levels were evaluated with a t test. Results showed that contractures in reperfusion were smaller in the GDX hearts (t = 3.686, p = 0.008). Values are expressed as the mean ± SEM. Intact male, n = 5; GDX male, n = 4

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