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Fig. 1

From: Sex differences in gray matter volume: how many and how large are they really?

Fig. 1

Effect sizes of between-group differences in the main sample and in the “only-males” and “only-females” subsamples. Panels left and right present odd and even numbered brain anatomical regions of the AAL atlas, which (with the exception of the lobules of the cerebellar vermis) are located in the left and right hemisphere, respectively. Each column of this heatmap displays the Cohen’s d values for statistically significant (p < 0.05, uncorrected) between-group differences found in each sample (effect sizes of non-significant differences are found in Additional file 1: Tables S1, S9 and S10). Orange and green correspond to effects favoring the groups with larger/smaller TIV (which in the case of the main sample were males/females), respectively

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