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Table 1 The common and unique features of PHB and OGT, which may have a role in mediating sex differences in insulin resistance and metabolic dysregulation

From: Prohibitin: a prime candidate for a pleiotropic effector that mediates sex differences in obesity, insulin resistance, and metabolic dysregulation

• PHB and OGT interact with each other and are regulated by sex steroids. In addition, PHB functions a co-repressor of sex steroid receptors
• PHB and OGT share similar tyrosine motifs, undergo tyrosine phosphorylation in response to insulin, and negatively regulate insulin signaling
• Both interact with a number of insulin signaling intermediates
• Both localize to mitochondria and have an important role in mitochondrial functions
• Both function as transcriptional regulators
• In addition, OGT is an X-linked gene, subject to gene dose compensation, and invariably escape from X chromosome inactivation in different cell types