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Fig. 9 | Biology of Sex Differences

Fig. 9

From: Siah2 modulates sex-dependent metabolic and inflammatory responses in adipose tissue to a high-fat diet challenge

Fig. 9

Loss of Siah2 upregulates thermogenic proteins, but downregulates ERα and ERRγ in brown adipose tissue independent of changes in gene expression in female, not male mice fed a HFD. a PGC1α and UCP1 and c PPARγ, ERRγ, ERα, AMPK1/2, and phosphorylated AMPK levels in brown adipose tissue were assayed via western blot analysis in male and female wild-type (WT) and Siah2KO (KO) mice after 16 weeks on the HFD and b, d quantified using Un-Scan-It software. e Gene expression of Eralpha and Errgamma was analyzed via real-time qRT-PCR. β-actin is included as a loading control in a, c. Statistical significance was determined using a two-tailed, unpaired t test

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