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Fig. 6

From: Siah2 modulates sex-dependent metabolic and inflammatory responses in adipose tissue to a high-fat diet challenge

Fig. 6

Female brown adipose tissue accumulates less unilocular fat than males on a HFD. a H&E and b trichrome staining of brown fat in wild-type and Siah2KO male (M) and female (F) mice fed a HFD for 16 weeks. c Adipocyte volume (pL) in the LFD and HFD-fed female wild-type (WT) or Siah2KO (KO) mice was based on adipocyte area determined by automated cell counting using Image J software of laminin stained brown adipose tissue. d Adipocyte number/fat pad was estimated by converting adipocyte area to an adipocyte volume (pL) and fat pad weight to a volume using the density of lipids. Statistical significance was determined using two-tailed, unpaired t test

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