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Table 2 Putative miRNAs regulating the mRNA of mitochondrial proteins

From: Sex-specific regulation of cardiac microRNAs targeting mitochondrial proteins in pressure overload

Mitochondrial protein Putative miRNA regulator
Auh miR-19b, miR-23a, miR-133a
Crat miR-23a, miR-24, miR-27b, miR-29a, miR-143, let-7e
Decr1 miR-106a, miR-130a, miR-199b, miR-497a, let-7e
Hadha miR-19b, miR-27b, miR-130a, miR-143, let-7e
Ndufs4 miR-23a, miR-27b, miR-106a, miR-130a