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Table 1 Overlap between sex-specific NAFLD subnetworks and DEGs affected by sex hormones

From: Tissue-specific pathways and networks underlying sexual dimorphism in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Tissue Sex Network size DEG size Overlap gene size (overlap KD size) Overlap KD list Fold change P value
Liver M 218 2435 100 (14) C8B, CYP7B1, SLC16A7, SLC16A5, CD36, MGST3, NCKAP1L, INPP5D, ANXA2, HCK, FCER1G, FGL2, CIDEC, TBC1D15 6.13 8.28E−71
F 86 196 2 (0) 3.86 8.68E−02
Adipose M 261 1804 71 (8) FASN, AACS, ETFDH, GYS1, ECHS1, SH3D21, SLC2A3, PMEPA1 4.39 9.34E−35
F 206 1491 34 (5) MSLN, GPM6A, PTGIS, RSPO1, BNC1 3.22 4.57E−13
  1. One-sided Fisher’s exact test was used to calculate enrichment P values