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Table 1 SPS did not affect body or adrenal weight in sham-operated (intact) males and females

From: Sex differences in the traumatic stress response: the role of adult gonadal hormones

Group (n = 16/group) Body weight in grams (SEM) Adrenal weight in grams (SEM)
Baseline Post-test
Male Ctrl 304.1 (6.5) 332.8* (8.4) 0.19 (0.02)
SPS 309.7 (6.4) 338.3* (6.2) 0.17 (0.01)
Female Ctrl 199.4 (2.7) 213.0* (2.9) 0.34 (0.02)
SPS 199.4 (3.8) 209.4* (4.1) 0.37 (0.03)
  1. Rat body weights were collected before undergoing SPS or control conditions (baseline) and before the dexamethasone suppression test (post-test). Adrenal weights were collected after sacrifice. SPS did not affect body weight, and all rats gained weight over the course of the experiment (*, vs baseline). As expected, female body weight was lower, but adrenal weight higher, than that of males. Data was presented as mean ±SEM. Significance set at P < .05 (indicated by asterisk) for planned pairwise comparisons (Bonferroni). Refer to Additional file 3 for full statistical results