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Fig. 6

From: Sex-specific microRNA expression networks in an acute mouse model of ozone-induced lung inflammation

Fig. 6

Differential lung miRNA expression in females exposed to O3 vs. FA at different stages of the estrous cycle. Cluster analysis of 84 miRNAs measured in lung extracts from female mice exposed to 2 ppm of O3 or FA for 3 h. Animals were exposed to O3 or FA at different stages of the estrous cycle (D1 = diestrus 1/metestrus, D2 = diestrus 2, P = proestrus, E = estrus). Estrous cycle stage was confirmed by vaginal smear and circulating sex hormone levels. FA filtered air, O3 ozone. Number of mice per group FA_D1 (n = 4), FA_D2 (n = 4), FA_P (n = 9), FA_E (n = 6), O3_D1 (n = 3), O3_D2 (n = 3), O3_P (n = 9), O3_E (n = 4)

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