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Fig. 1 | Biology of Sex Differences

Fig. 1

From: Sex-specific microRNA expression networks in an acute mouse model of ozone-induced lung inflammation

Fig. 1

Sex differences in O3-induced lung miRNA expression. a Cluster analysis of 84 miRNAs expressed in lung extracts obtained from male and female mice following exposure to 2 ppm of O3 for 3 h. b Differentially expressed miRNAs in male and female lung extracts. Results are expressed as female miRNA expression levels relative to male miRNA expression levels. M males (n = 8), F females (n = 19), O3_M males exposed to ozone, O3_D1 females exposed to ozone in diestrus 1, O3_D2 females exposed to ozone in diestrus 2, O3_P females exposed to ozone in proestrus, O3_E females exposed to ozone in estrus

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