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Table 2 Enriched gene ontology for top 25% of expressed genes

From: Sex differences in the late first trimester human placenta transcriptome

  P value rangea # genes
Molecular and cellular function
 Cell death and survival 7.97E-11 to 2.76E-96 1356
 Protein synthesis 3.01E-11 to 8.66E-70 598
 Cellular development 3.61E-11 to 1.31E-57 999
 Cellular growth and proliferation 3.61E-11 to 1.31E-57 953
 Cellular movement 1.05E-10 to 6.29E-53 892
Physiological systems development and function
 Organismal survival 1.31E-15 to 1.52E-63 958
 Cardiovascular system development and function 9.45E-11 to 1.20E-31 576
 Connective tissue development and function 8.86E-11 to 4.80E-27 579
 Tissue development 7.01E-11 to 4.80E-27 747
 Organismal development 9.45E-11 to 3.54E-23 1008
  1. aFisher’s exact test for sub-categories from IPA shown as P value range