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Table 1 Enriched canonical pathways for expressed genes in the late first trimester placenta, by FPKM quartiles

From: Sex differences in the late first trimester human placenta transcriptome

Input Top canonical pathways P valuea # genes
Top 25% of genes EIF2 signaling 8.25E-55 136
Regulation of eIF4 and p70S6K signaling 7.88E-26 81
Protein ubiquitination pathway 5.90E-25 111
Mitochondrial dysfunction 1.07E-22 81
Sirtuin signaling pathway 5.43E-20 109
51–75% quartile Estrogen receptor signaling 2.12E-10 48
JAK/STAT signaling 9.83E-08 32
Ceramide signaling 1.80E-07 34
Insulin receptor signaling 2.18E-07 45
STAT3 pathway 2.57E-07 29
26–50% quartile Melanocyte development and pigmentation signaling 7.85E-04 24
NGF signaling 7.96E-04 28
ERK/MAPK signaling 1.59E-03 40
HGF signaling 1.72E-03 26
Acyl-CoA hydrolysis 1.76E-03 6
0–25% quartile PI3K signaling in B lymphocytes 9.40E-04 21
CDP-diacylglycerol biosynthesis I 1.71E-03 7
Wnt/Ca2+ pathway 2.81E-03 12
Phosphatidylglycerol biosynthesis II (non-plastidic) 2.83E-03 7
D-myo-inositol-5-phosphate metabolism 3.20E-03 23
  1. aFisher’s exact test