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Table 5 Mean nonsynonymous over synonymous rate (dN/dS), gene expression breadth, and how they vary according to sex bias of gene expression in Yoruba samples only

From: Regulatory and evolutionary signatures of sex-biased genes on both the X chromosome and the autosomes

  dN/dS beta dN/dS P value Gene breadth beta Gene breadth P value
Intercept 0.280676 < 2e−16* 45.8485 < 2e−16*
Male bias compared to unbiased − 0.020105 0.962 − 19.6818 0.00179*
Female bias compared to unbiased − 0.104992 0.608 0.7515 0.80780
  1. All analyses were carried out using a univariate regression model with sex as a covariate. Betas denote coefficients in the univariate regression model, while P value denotes the P value of the coefficient
  2. *Statistical significance at P value < 0.05 cutoff