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Fig. 6

From: Sex chromosomes drive gene expression and regulatory dimorphisms in mouse embryonic stem cells

Fig. 6

Identification and biological replication of sexually dimorphic lncRNAs identified in ES cells. Transcripts were defined as dimorphic from RNA-seq data using a genome-wide FDR (alpha) < 0.01. a Sexually dimorphic expression between all conditions tested. The highest degree of variation was seen between BCF and CBM which 591 differentially expressed lncRNAs. b Principal component analysis of lncRNAs shows segregation of cells based on strain of origin. c Plotting principal component 2 against component 3 shows segregation based on sex chromosome complement with BCO aligning more closely to BCM than to BCF, corresponding to the analysis performed using coding genes. d Multidimensional scaling plot showing clustering of the XY and XX lines. M1 corresponds to strain of origin, with M2 showing separation based on sex chromosome composition. e Heatmap showing dimorphic lncRNA expression and clustering of samples based on sex chromosome composition (FDR < 0.01)

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