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Fig. 6

From: HDAC9 is an epigenetic repressor of kidney angiotensinogen establishing a sex difference

Fig. 6

Contribution of HDAC9 to AGT expression in PTC. PTC were treated by HDAC9 inhibitor (a) or siRNA (b, c). Thereafter, AGT mRNA levels in the cells and AGT protein levels in the cultured medium were measured by qRT-PCR and AGT ELISA, respectively. Total AGT protein amount secreted from the cells to the culture medium were calculated based on the volume of medium. Nega-si negative control siRNA-transfected group, HDAC9-si HDAC9 siRNA-transfected group. Data are expressed as mean ± SE. Asterisk (P < 0.05) indicates significant difference compared with the negative siRNA transfected group

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