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Table 3 Correlation of miRNA expression with hepatic basophilic focia

From: Sex and age differences in the expression of liver microRNAs during the life span of F344 rats

Feature 52 week F 78 week F 104 week F 52 week M 78 week M 104 week M
Basophilic focusb No (0%)c Yes (38%) Yes (75%) No (0%) No (0%) No (0%)
miR-451 NS 1.8 1.5 NS NS NS
miR-18a NS 0.6 0.6 NS NS NS
  1. F female, M male, NS not significant
  2. aRelative expression values are the expression at the indicated ages relative to the average expression from 5 to 21 weeks of age for each sex independently
  3. bFrom Table 2
  4. cIncidence from Table 2