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Fig. 2

From: Sex-dependent alteration of cardiac cytochrome P450 gene expression by doxorubicin in C57Bl/6 mice

Fig. 2

a Heart histopathology was assessed in heart sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin (HE) for interstitial cellularity and cardiomyocyte vacuolization and in heart sections stained with trichome for fibrosis 6 days following treatment with DOX or saline. Total heart pathology score for each animal and the median value with 95% confidence intervals shown. *p < 0.05, compared to control mice of the same sex; #p < 0.05, compared to male DOX-treated mice. b Representative photomicrographs from the HE-stained heart sections of control and DOX-treated male and female mice. In contrast to the female control mice (A, total pathology score = 1), male control mice (D, total pathology score = 0), and DOX-treated female mice (B and C, total pathology score = 3), the DOX-treated male mice (E and F, total pathology score = 5) demonstrated more severe interstitial cellularity (E, black arrows) and cardiomyocyte vacuolization (F, white arrows)

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