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Table 1 Course and lesson titles

From: The science of sex and gender in human health: online courses to create a foundation for sex and gender accountability in biomedical research and treatment

Course 1: Basic Science and the Biological Basis for Sex- and Gender-Related Differences Course 2: Sex and Gender Differences in Health and Behavior Course 3: The Influence of Sex and Gender on Disease Expression and Treatment
Launch date: June 2006 Launch date: October 2010 Launch date: July 2014
Lesson 1: understanding the importance of sex and gender in biomedical research Lesson 1: clinical research methodology Lesson 1: sexual dimorphism in metabolic bone disorders
Lesson 2: legislative process framework Lesson 2: endocrine effects on immunity Lesson 2: cardiovascular disease in women: a focus on heart failure
Lesson 3: cell physiology Lesson 3: drug therapeutics during pregnancy Lesson 3: sex and gender differences in pulmonary function and health
Lesson 4: developmental biology Lesson 4: understanding the importance of sex and gender in mental health Lesson 4: the neural basis of sex differences in pain
Lesson 5: pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics Lesson 5: autoimmunity, autoimmune disease, and sex bias Lesson 5: sex differences in substance abuse and treatment
Lesson 6: clinical applications of genomics Lesson 6: sex and gender differences in irritable bowel syndrome