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Table 3 Workshop B Prework Assignment

From: Workshop summaries from the 2015 Sex and Gender Medical Education Summit: utilization of sex and gender based medical education resources and creating student competencies

Prework questions 1. Define competencies, milestones and entrustable professional activities (EPAs).
2. How should we approach sex- and gender-based competencies for medical education? Use existing women’s health competencies as a model? Or develop a unique approach?
3. How should sex- and gender-based competencies be formulated?
Reference reading 1. “Competencies, milestones, and entrustable professional activities: what they are, what they could be” [18]
2. Foundations for a novel emergency medicine subspecialty: sex, gender, and women’s health [9]
3. Women’s Health Competencies—links to NAWHME and APGO [19, 20]