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Table 1 Estimates of the ratio of whole-fish PCB concentration in males to whole-fish PCB concentration in females (PCB :PCB ) and the ratio of whole-fish Hg concentration in males to whole-fish Hg concentration in females (Hg :Hg )

From: Sex differences in contaminant concentrations of fish: a synthesis

Species Population PCB :PCB Hg :Hg References
Walleye South Manistique Lake 1.34 NA 7
Lake trout Lake Ontario 1.22 1.08 8, 17
Coho salmon Lake Michigan 1.19 NA 3
Burbot Lake Erie, Great Slave Lake 1.29 0.82 19, 22, 24
Sea lamprey Lake Huron 1.17 1.16 18, 23
Cisco Lake Superior 1.43 NA 25
Lake whitefish Lake Huron 1.34 0.91 20, 26
Summer flounder New Jersey coast 1.43 0.98 21, 27
  1. PCB :PCB was equal to 1.28 and 1.30 for Lake Erie (ages 6–13) burbot and for Great Slave Lake burbot, respectively, and the average between the two lakes is reported in this table. Hg :Hg for burbot was estimated by pooling data from Lake Erie and Great Slave Lake
  2. NA not available